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Creating Innovative Digital Media Experiences for Flagship Retail Destinations

Project Description

D3 designed and engineered multiple LED displays for UNIQLO, a Japanese retailer owned by Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., for the brand's two new flagship stores in New York City at 666 Fifth Avenue and 31 West 34th Street.

For UNIQLO Fifth Avenue, the largest single retailer on Manhattan's prestigious Fifth Avenue, D3 designed custom LED digital displays for the store’s glass elevators and six windows that face West 53rd Street, as well as a unique LED “tunnel ticker” display for a sales room located on the second floor of the 89,000 sq. ft. retail space.

D3 also designed dramatic LED displays for the storefront windows of UNIQLO 34th Street and was later selected by the brand to replicate the "tunnel ticker" LED display installed at 666 Fifth Ave. for a UNIQLO mall store in Paramus, NJ.

Display Facts




(2) Displays, 16px x 272px
(2) Displays, 16px x 464px
(4) Displays, 182px x 130px
(6) Displays, 27px x 672px
(6) Displays, 182px x 182px