CityScreen Edinburgh Leith Walk

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Project Description

CityScreen Edinburgh is located on Leith Walk, one of the main routes leading into Edinburgh City Centre, and is the first commercial advertising screen in the capital. The 12mm SMD LED display is an extended mega six portrait, comprised of 486 individual LED modules and measures just over 50 square metres. The display design features a central elliptical totem structure, which incorporates perforated holes to allow for a colour change wash effect from an internal LED light source.

Marc Keenan, managing director at Forrest Media, stated: “We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing these two new screens to the Scottish Out-of-Home marketplace. Edinburgh is such an important city from an advertisers’ point of view and we are delighted to be delivering a dynamic platform in a great location. Our new Great Western Gateway will blow people away. In keeping with the vast majority of our estate, we own the land and we are never afraid to invest in the very best technology and architecture available, to deliver outstanding platforms for advertisers".

Display Facts




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"D3’s partnership with Forrest Media is a fantastic beginning for their inward investment plans for Scotland’s digital-out-of-home marketplace"
David Neale, Director - Dynamic Digital Displays Europe