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A Great Idea that Goes the Distance—Half a City Block

Project Description

Aéropostale scooped up 19,000 square feet of prime Times Square real estate for their new flagship store. In the competitive landscape of Times Square, our client wanted to project its indoor appeal—outdoors.

D3 designed a curving digital brandscape spanning over 120 feet, drawing customers in with three surfaces that transition seamlessly between Aéropostale interior and exterior.

Unique interactive features of the curved balcony hub allow customers to interact with the display and the brand, creating the ultimate platform for consumer brand engagement, not to mention increased traffic at the checkout counter.

If D3 Designs it, They Will Come

Display Facts




576px x 3,704px

"D3's award winning design team took advantage of our highly scalable design to employ some new custom modules that fully satisfied the project requirements"
-Aéropostale VP of Construction